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TexasGhost 09-08-2020 07:39 PM

Potential new owner
Hey, folks - this is my first post. Iím searching for a K900. Iíve read quite a bit, but I still have a few questions. Hoping some of you here can help me out. Thanks in advance. BTW, I also asked these questions on FB.
1) Iím primarily looking at the 2016 and 2017 V8 Luxury w/VIP. Aside from the obvious (getting a one year newer vehicle), are there any opinions regarding improvements, changes, or increased reliability (pano leaks, dash delamination, etc.) in the 2017s?
2) Has anyone switched between the 18Ē and the 19Ē wheels/tires? Seems like a good idea to switch to the 18s for wheel rotation/balance, and possibly ride comfort, but wondering if itís actually worth it. Also, Iím wondering if thereís more value in the 19s than the 18s and that perhaps they are worth more than just an even swap?

Next week, Iíll test drive a silver 2017 V8 Lux/VIP with 21,500 miles from CarMax (single owner corporate lease). $28,988, being shipped from GA. CarFax says it was in an accident. A CarMax rep inspected it and said the repair looked very good, but not 100%. Close, but not quite. Damage was to rear quarter panel and rear driverís side door. Of course, Iíll have a body shop and a mechanic do some inspections.

Thanks in advance for any input.

Also, ďAn army without leaders is like a foot without a big toe.ď I havenít been reading this forum long, but even I hate to see that Gene, this groupís big toe, plans to leave.

K9Intender 09-08-2020 11:18 PM

Welcome! You have done the right thing by signing in here before you buy. I hung around nearly a year before I bought my car (CarMax also), and learned a lot of useful things.

I actually do not know of a single distinguishing mark between the '16 & '17, except the '17 doesn't have the credit card key. I worked this pretty hard when I was shopping, too, and ransacked every source I could find.

I put everything I could find in a chart here:

You can see there were quite a few changes between '15 and '16, but nothing much after. So I'd consider those two years equivalent, and would just choose on price and condition.

Oh, and you are so right about Gene! I don't think anybody can fill his K9-size shoes!

TexasGhost 09-09-2020 05:43 PM

Thanks for the reply. Iíll check out your link.

Hope everyone recognized the ďbig toeĒ quote. Sounds kind of stupid if you donít.

TexasGhost 09-09-2020 07:22 PM

Great information in that chart, that helps a lot. Wish I could see the stuff on the right.

Do you have an opinion about the 18s vs. the 19s? I really like the idea of a conventional rotate & balance. Any reason to think the V8 would be too powerful for the narrower 18s on the back? Also, do the 2017 wheels seem to have the ‘de-chroming’ issue?

BTW, your thread about the radio was one of the first things I read on this site. What a PITA for you but really informative. Thanks for pursuing that. Too bad it didn’t resolve in a better fashion.

K9Intender 09-13-2020 02:10 AM

I'm glad to see you are doing your research. It can kind of wear you out, but at the end you'll know what you want and what you're willing to pay and be ready to jump on the right one when it comes around. In my experience, buyers remorse happens much more often on impulse purchases.

I haven't had any experience with swapping wheels, but I will say that the car is disinclined to put more power down than the wheels can handle. The traction and stability control systems seem to kick in easily. So I don't think the 18s would be an issue there, unless you were worried about maybe losing a second on takeoff.

(Maybe this would be different if you drove it in Sport mode. I never do, so I'm not sure. The way Sport turns the dash display red just hurts my eyes.)

Since I got my radio/nav system up and going, it's been trouble-free (knock on real poplar wood trim). I haven't had the lockup problems a lot of the members have.

Not sure why you are having trouble seeing the whole model year chart. It's just a JPG file--if you right click, you should be able to download & save it and look at it in Microsoft Paint or something similar.

Keep us posted on your progress. It's always interesting when one of the members is looking to buy.

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