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Jhonybhai 06-08-2019 05:03 AM

New front bumper skin
Hello everyone,,

Going down the highway and at the stop sign, at bottom of ramp, received
a loud beep. Looked down and the front parking assist was blinking red
Got back from the dealership received a call, even with 53800 miles,
KIA is replacing the bumper free.
Seems the holders for the sensors are plastic welded to the bumper skin
mine came loose and had never been hit.
No hassle no fuss. New free loaner and will take a week to get the new bumper,
paint and install in 3 more days.

K9Intender 06-08-2019 09:51 PM

Wow, thanks for the info! I've had nearly this exact issue--front collision warnings when I was standing still, etc. I put up a post about this quite a while ago:

When I discussed this with the dealer, I feel like they just didn't understand the problem.

Let us know how this goes.

Bjay 12-13-2019 03:03 PM

I had the same problem at first they said it was the battery so I purchased a new battery not from the dealer, still have the same problem it was in the shop for 2 weeks before they figured out it was the actual radar in front which they replaced under warranty and I've not had the problem since.

rtrski 12-23-2019 08:34 AM

My parking distance radar seems to kind of 'randomly' trigger in start-stop traffic too. Usually a harder hold on the brake pedal will shut it up. Also a clear correlation with some truck bumper types (pickups which are higher than me, and have that big trailer-hitch 'depression' in them seem to act like a parabolic dish and focus the radar return back on the sensor and trick it into thinking they're closer than they are).

I hadn't once considered there might be a problem with the unit, just that it was dumb software glitches triggering the sensors after a brief foot-off-brake creep forward made the car think I might be actually trying to park vs. just inching along a road. Guess using GPS correlation to decide when to actually 'care' what the sensor return is would be too dangerous, and conflict with the collision warning use of the unit too. But now you've got me wondering. I'm in a 2019, about 9000 miles right now.

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