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K9Intender 11-11-2021 10:50 PM

mileage and range
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We've had some discussions about range and mileage in the past. Around town, where your mileage is lower, the computer shows some very low range estimates.

Until lately, I had actually never done a long road trip in my car. I have now, and I was a bit surprised at what the dash showed me--over 30 MPG with a corresponding range at one point. That seems exceptionally good to me for a 5.0 V8.

Mind you, this was running across pretty flat territory out in the Southwest, with perfect weather conditions and new tires.

It also seems to me that the car is running smoother and has a touch more power now. I got it with just 3,000 miles and had only been around town with it until recently. Maybe it just never got broken in properly?

FYI, the alarming little orange triangle appeared because the dealer didn't tell the computer that the oil was changed when I had it in for a pre-trip checkup. So it decided I needed an oil change and flashed warnings on both screens, besides e-mailing me.

I figured out how to reset it, but not until the appearance of the triangle gave me a good scare in the middle of the desert!

Z163324 11-12-2021 01:49 PM

It all depends on a few things. I can get my car to read 28+ MPG on road trips, but that is if I do a reset on the calculator when I hop on the highway, go no faster than 70-75MPH, and have it on eco. If you do an actual calculation with miles driven divided by gallons used its off by quite a bit.

The most I ever got out of a tank of gas was using BP Premium, all highway driving during Covid so no traffic, and 75MPH i got 418 Miles driven.

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