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Sooo, I finally got around to updating the maps on my 2019 this weekend. Since I couldn’t find a summary of changes anywhere, here is what I learned….

It took ~30 min to download the update to my computer. 20 min to copy it from my computer to my memory stick, 40 min for the car to download it from the memory stick and 15 min to install. The head unit was non-functional for only the last 15 min. The update did erase all of my XM Radio and FM radio presets, however after driving around for 15 min, they returned (I guess it needed drive time to do final calibrations)

The changes I noticed were:
The general look of the map has been updated along with some of the functionality (I think it is more google mapish now), some missing roads in my area have been updated and and/or corrected. There is now what appears to be a speed camera function. I have a few well know speed cameras in my area so I drove by them both with and without navigation running and nothing happened. I suspect there is some legal aspect that determines which cameras play ball and which don’t.

There is now a “Sounds of Nature” feature which gives you a couple of pre-canned nature tracks to listen too. Now that I have clicked on them once, I doubt I will ever touch them again.

On the HVAC display, the color of the blowing air on the screen now corresponds with temp you set (red/blue). Perhaps it did that before and I never noticed it.

The whole HD weather app thing was removed or relocated (it never worked for me anyway) and replaced by a UVO function. I suspect that will work once I turn on my UVO subscription for the winter months (I need that remote start!!!). Also, now that the HD weather thing is gone, my HD Doppler radar/traffic/gas works.

My IPod music art now displays across the entire screen (including the scrollable playlist) as a background watermark.

The Quantum Logic Sound (QLS) setting is now present on the audio home display as a quick toggle button.

The sound balance display (left/right front/rear) was updated. Same function, new look.

To me the most important update was something I complained to Kia about early on. Previously when playing a playlist the display would only tell me how many tracks were in the playlist, so it would only say 400.. However, after the update, it shows like every other modern car, track xx/400. I think my head unit just had issues early on and needed and update to iron out some gremlins…

I never use android auto or apple car play so I can’t speak to those.

There is also this doc I found in the Telluride forum

Anyone see anything else?

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I updated my map last month. I was out and about and ecided to let the map take me home. WHOA! It suggested the long way home. I hope it works better on a trip where I rely on it.
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Installed the latest map update today (14.12UP5) and was positively surprised how different some things look e.g. the home screen. Now you can create user profiles with settings for each driver, finally! Update was free of charge and went thru just fine.
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