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Usually LEDs aren't worth it in cars not built for it.

First and most importantly is that the light with LEDs isn't as focused as the stock headlights in a car. Unless the car you have came with focusing lenses from the manufacturer then it will be more work than it's worth.

Second is that it can be expensive to do it. LED headlights for cars can run at least $100 per bulb in the United States before the ballasts or other hardware required to make them work safely and reliably. vidmate

Third HID lights might be a better solution. With my car I was limited to one illumination intensity but it was brighter than my high beams.

Another consideration is that you may not have high beams or may not be able to use them. Some LED and HID kits are meant to work at one light setting but may not work at high beams or be equipped with high beams. In some jurisdictions cars are limited with how much illumination can come off the front of their car because it can blind drivers in the oncoming lanes when driving at night or blind the car in front of you while driving at night. 9apps

My last consideration is that you will be getting people who flash their high beams at you constantly if you spend time driving in the dark. When I had HID lights in my car I couldn't go 1 night driving without having a car flashing it's high beams at me. It can also make people more likely to brake check you if you happen to be following closer than someone's liking. vlc

This is just my experience with having HID lights and LED lights in my car and having over 6 years of professional driving experience on California roadways.

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I'm looking at buying a 2017 k900 and was wondering if anyone has these headlight issues with a 2017 model.
Found a reviewer who had the same problem but again it was a 2015 k900.

Really appreciate any answers as I'm a bit nervous but I do understand that it's probably only a small percent of k900s affected.
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There is a down limit switch involved with leveling the head lights. Needs to be adjusted or replaced. Mine was covered under warranty.
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I've had my 2016 two years now with no headlight issues. In fact, it's needed nothing but routine service. (Knock on wood!)

2016 V8 VIP+, black with white interior
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