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Default Kia K900 v. Hyundai Equus

The lease on my '15 Hyundai Genesis Ultimate sedan will be ending soon, and I'm thinking of buying a '14 or '15 Equus or K900 to replace it.

They are both very nice cars, and they're both selling for similar money at this point.

OK, I know the people on this forum will be just a little biased, but what are your thoughts? Do you know of any advantages of one over the other? Did you look at the Equus before you bought or leased your K900?

I'm actually leaning towards a '15 Equus Ultimate at this point; convince me that I'm wrong.

I know it's ridiculous, but I really don't like the chrome doohicky that Kia put on the flanks of the 1st generation K900, but if there's a rational reason to get the Kia over the Hyundai, I can overlook that.

I've been spoiled by the Genny, and I've got to have active cruise control and a HUD, which only comes on the Ultimate Equus. Do they come with the base K900?

What I'd really like to do is lease a new '19 K900, but I don't think I could swing that financially, what with being newly retired and with 2 kids getting ready to go to college.

I love the car I have now, and I have contemplated buying it, but the residual value at lease end is crazy expensive. I suppose I could buy another '15 or '16 Genesis, but, eh... been there, done that.

I got a helluva deal on my lease 3 years ago: $3k down and $334 per month. For a $52000 new car!

And of course I'd like to get a similar killer deal on its replacement.
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Hey there - Just bought myself a 2015 K900 and did a bit of research trying to decide between a 2015 Equus or 2015 K900.

Reliability issues - seemed mostly the same between the 2 cars, but each has its Achilles heal. The K900 has adaptive headlights that if you hit a very bad pothole can fail, and they are pricey to fix ($3k +), but you can find used headlights on eBay and theoretically change them yourself for much less. The Equus has air suspension that can have issues, and is expensive to fix as well.

I've driven both, and the Equus seems a bit more 'floaty' than the K900. I don't think I had the air suspension in 'sport' mode, and I've ready that K900 is similar to the Equus in sport mode. My hunch is that the K900 is still tighter.

The Equus has dual entertainment screens in the back seats in their 'ultimate' trims, which the K900 does not offer. The K900 equivalent trim is called "VIP" and it has Heads up display, adaptive cruise control, and more powered seat controls.

I've found that the K900 is a better value used, as it seems to depreciate faster than the Equus.

Good luck on the hunt!

- Kent
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To get active cruise, HUD, and the other high-line goodies on the K900, you need to shop for a car equipped with the VIP package. There are some Sixes out there with VIP and those get nearly all the equipment but not all. To get every single option, you need a V8 with VIP, or as it was called in the later models, VIP+.

Stay away from Premiums. That's just marketing-speak at its worst, because those were the price-leader models stripped of most of the equipment that K900s are known for.

2016 V8 VIP+, black with white interior
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