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Default K900 Front Windsheild Replacement - Rain sensor issue


Question: Has anyone replaced their rain sensor or had to get it re-calibrated from dealership after finding out the auto wipe option was not responding accurately enough to rainfall despite attempts to adjust the sensitivity level on the rain wiper lever??

Story line:

So...I replaced my front windshield after a rock hit it; filed a claim through my insurance. Called glass people, and told them to order an OEM KIA manufactured windshield with Kia logo embedded in the glass. They did. It was replaced while I was at work. The company based on rating appears very credible and legit. When done replacing old windshield for the new one, they took a spray water bottle with trigger squeeze and aimed it directly at the rain sensor. Note: The rain sensor was taken off the old windshield and placed on the new windshield. Anyway, the new window looks great. Just like new. When they sprayed the windshield with the water bottle, the wipers in auto mode reacted accordingly; they even increased in speed as he sprayed water out faster.

But wait...my area had at least two thunderstorms in which while the wipers were in auto mode, they did not respond smartly. They would wipe but the wiping was not being done CONSISTENTLY to keep up with the heavy pouring rain and adjust when the rain got lighter. The sensitivity level of the wipers in auto mode was at max level so it should have been very sensitive to wipe the slightest bit of raining hitting the windows. Instead, there were constantly period where, if i left the wipers in auto mode, the wipers would not respond adequate enough and it would force me to put the wipers in the LOW position to continuously wipe at low speed regardless of amount of rain falling. I sometimes had to put it in high speed too.

I called people who installed glass and told them to come back out and check it out again. This time I stayed with him and watched him this time spray water on the windshield and I saw myself that the wipers responded on the spot. I felt foolish for them coming out a second time. Said thanks anyway. He said he sees it all the time but sometimes, just sometimes, people may think they are in the auto setting when they are not. So I ate that up and kept it moving.

It rained hard the next day! Definitely made sure wipers were on auto mode by pushing the arm upward once (wipe mist), and then pushed down to line it up on auto option. Wipers began to respond to rain as they should and went from a slow wipe to increasing to a fast wipe on its own while I was driving and picking up speed as more water as hitting the car faster. They did well....but just for a moment. They while STILL on high sensitivity auto level, they would not wipe adequately to keep up with the rain fall. From this point on, I now know that the squirt bottle test they did is no longer an accurate depiction and/or representation of heavy rainfall/thunderstorm rainfall.

Just thought to inquire if anyone knew if there was a calibration option that dealership can do or share what their experience was. I tried recording it in the night while I was driving home but not sure how well it came out. People I used to replace the windshield suggested that I do that so they can see in fact what is going on. To double down on that, I will take are to dealership and see if they are able to detect an issue.

Sorry for the long write up but I just wanted to know if anyone else came across a similar problem like this and what they did about it and to also know how the dealership or anywhere else responded to your individual rain sensor concern. Please share your experiences.

Thank you kindly.

I will let you know and keep you updated with how all this turned out.

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