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Default Cracked Windshield? Explain your fix story...

So I was wondering if anyone incurred a cracked windshield on their k900 and wanted to know what their process was like to get it fixed.
1. Did you use your car insurance to make a claim?
2. Did you attempt to use a repair kit
3. Did you get an OEM window to replace the cracked one or did you go with an aftermarket window?

Called parts dept at my dealership for my k900. OEM replacement list price is $1,025.00 (one thousand and twenty five dollars).

Crack is bigger than quarter and smaller than silver dollar but it gleans when sun is out and is within my driving peripheral.

Bottom line question:

As I know not everyone lives in the same place, I just wanted to know:
"Has anyone had any smooth or rough experiences when it came to replacing their front k900 windshield and if they noticed any differences from cracked OEM to new OEM or cracked OEM to new aftermarket? Were you brought back to status quo? Were you made whole? Were you brought back "close enough" to stats quo? Or did you receive a complete terrible job?
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I've had my windshield replaced, got hit with road debris.
Started with small chip about the size of quarter, on a trip.
Ran into rain and it cracked half way across the windshield.
Called my insurance Co., I have full glass coverage.
No problem at all. They sent a company to replace with
OEM windshield. Couldn't be happier same as new.
No fuss no muss, and replaced right where I was at
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On my range rover they wanted $1200 for the windshield. My crack was a quarter size. I had it repaired for free under insurance as a "chip" in the windshield. Safelite did a good job repairing the crack.

Also, see here:

Don't believe them when they say you need to replace the whole windshield. There are good repair men out there.

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I had the old windshield replaced with a brand new windshield. The replacement windshield was not OEM but rather Manufacture's OEM so it had the emblem etched into new windshield. Workers were swift and did their job well. All is well.
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Originally Posted by micrandra View Post
A proactive approach to windshield cracks and pitting is to install windshield protective film. There are a few manufacturers that produce durable films.

ClearPlex from
Exoshield from
Maxxion from
While you'll typically see these used on exotics, the cost to install for a K900 is around $600, depending on where you live. Considering the replacement cost of a VIP windshield is almost 3X that, after all the recalibration work is done (not to mention the possibility of the installer damaging the leather dash cover) it's not a bad investment. In my case, I commute through a town with two gravel pits, so the risk is very high of a thrown up stone or two.
The downside to these films is that they are not as hard as glass, so they will scratch over time, particularly if you use your wipers a lot. Not an issue for me as I don't drive mine in the winter. The film does take RainX reasonably well. I have not tried the $50+ "nano" water repellents.

BTW - personal experience: If you get a crack right on the upper edge of the windshield, Safelite will NOT repair it (Columbus OH branch anyway)
Heard of this... they also make film for the headlights. As you said, I’ll worry about streaks from the wipers.
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have an Alfa 164 with a crack at the base of the windscreen not even as large as this. Safelite said they couldn't do anything about it, but obviously in can be done. (I'll also have to have something done because new windscreens are hard to source.) It may not be perfect, but it was pretty amazing how much of an improvement it made. vidmate save insta
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