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I took the car back up to the dealership last Tuesday. I got it back on Friday. The problem was solved.

When they pulled down the head liner they found the screw was loose that allowed sunroof motor to rattle/clunk. Now the car is as quiet as a church mouse.

But as they say in those commercials on TV, wait but there's more.

On my 2000 mile round trip to Tucson I noticed that the on center steering feel was rather poor. Additionally the car drifted significantly away from the crown of the road whether right or left. On a flat straight section is still took some attention to keep on center.

My diagnosis, too much toe out. Again I was wrong.

The day before I went to the dealership I went by a local alignment shop that has a great reputation. I was talking to them about the on center feel and said I'd like a little more toe in to give me a stronger on center feel. The very experienced gentleman told me that, that probably wouldn't help much and it was probably the tires.

We stepped outside to look at the tires and he noticed that the rear driver side was new. Then he walked to the other side and noticed that the passenger side rear was not and wondered why. Of course the explanation is that the driver side was below the 5/32 that would allow it qualify for CPO but the other tires were not.

He leaned down and looked at the rear tire from the front and said he could see wear bars on the passenger side. I decided to address that with the dealer the next day.

However when I got back home and got the car in the garage I looked from the front of the rear tire and did not see wear bars showing. I got down on the floor and looked at the tire from behind and was shocked. I could see belt showing on the inside edge. I drove rather nervously the 87 miles in the rain to the dealer the next day.

The dealer determined that it was a defective tire and put on a new one. So with the exception of the 3100 miles that I put on the driver side since I picked the car up it essentially has two new rear tires. Of course they are that Hankook OEM H426 245 x 50 x 18. The fronts are just within the CPO spec. When those wear down just a bit more I plan to replace them with the current Bridgestone Quiettrack which replaces the discontinued Serenity Plus.

Back to my misdiagnosis on alignment. Rear toe in, camber and caster were all perfectly with in spec, but front toe in was excessive, very excessive. Bringing the front toe-in into spec did improve on center feel and got rid of drift. On center feel is still not great. I think new tires will make a difference there.

Now with the clunk/rattle gone and much more predictable dry weather steering the car is absolutely a joy!

After considering so many cars in the last two years I knew that I would like this. But I had no idea how much I would really enjoy this car. I am a happy camper!


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Very glad you got that figured out! Good for us all to know.

Diagnosing noises is one of the toughest things to do, I think. As this shows, you can't always tell where the real source is.

It's sort of like having a roof leak--water travels, so you can't be sure it's coming in where the leak seems to be.

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