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Default cd player in use shuts down audio system sometimes

bought my 2015 last November; one owner all maintenance, two great inspections. several times when playing a cd the system has shut down and reverted to the UVO screen. (Yes, I'm old fashioned and enjoy a couple of favorite cds.) The cds are in good shape and worked fine in my '14 Cadenza.

When it works, it plays beautifully. When it stops, several things happen: the artist's cd photo disappears first but it still plays. then, the upper right screen corner displays flashing word 'intializing', still keeps playing, then, soon at the bottom an error line appears stating ' application error' in a small box that looks like a microsoft pop up. still plays but quickly after that it stops and goes to the UVO screen. All other functions seem to work like FM/AM except it seems to revert to default as usually my preset stations clear and have to be reset and cd won't play. When I push media, it just goes to the jukebox which still has a bunch of the previous owner's songs in it. Can't get it to resume the cd via menu either.

If I turn off the system, and, then back on, I have noticed it also has cancelled the HD setting and sometimes the Surround setting, so I have to select those again, and, then I can try the cd and it will usually work although the 'intializing' message returns and blinks for a minute or so. Then, that stops flashing, the artist pic appears with the song title and cd title and it is back to normal. But, I have to reset HD, Surround and sometimes the preset stations.

This happens out of the blue while the cd is playing; no changes have been made by me during its use or any other audio buttons pressed, etc. It is infrequent and I've referred to my dealer; who believes me and says they can only replace the audio head unit. He will readily do this under warranty, but, they have to take the dash apart which worries me so I've held off so far. My 36 month warranty on the audio will expire end of this year so I have to do it before then.

Here's the thing; I've asked the dealer if it could be a software bug or problem; maybe a virus or something? He claims they don't have that problem, it must be the head unit itself. I'm NO expert at all but it reminds me of when my pc will freeze up or an app. crashes and you have to shut it down and restart. My dealer and advisor are K900 service approved.

Nothing seems to trigger it; it happens maybe once a month if that. I drive the car only a couple times a week and not usually for long periods, so, the system isn't on for hours to 'overheat' or whatever. when it works, it is awesome. I have the 17 speaker system with VIP package if that makes a difference.

Doesn't this sound more like a system software problem instead of hardware ( head unit )? I do not know; and hate to replace a good head unit and risk damage to the dash during removal and replacement.

I asked my K900 service advisor if they can just reload the software and he claims that won't fix it and just wants to replace the unit. I noticed on the K900 there is no sim card slot so don't know how they upload any system updates ( which he claims there aren't any; my car was built 04/14 and sold 11/14). but, another post says their is a system update as of Sept 2015 and it includes eliminating pressing the agree button....

Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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affordable remedies for assignment help uk. Apple cider vinegar has such endless attributes which always astounds me. thanks for bringing in this amazing stuff.
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You could try resetting the system by pressing the reset button (a little dimpled button to the right of the CD slot next to the DISP button) with a pen or paper clip. Just press and hold for about 1 second. I had a similar issue with the head unit occasionally freezing then rebooting when I first purchased the car. I did the reset and have not had the problem since (about 18 months and counting).

Just be aware that the reset button will set EVERYTHING back to the factory defaults. If the reset does not solve the problem, have the dealer replace the head unit while it's still under warranty

System updates/nav updates on the 2015 are done using a USB stick plugged into the USB port in the center console cubby in front of the transmission shift lever. You can get the update from There are some decent upgrades available in the latest map update, but not having to press the agree button alone is worth it

You can also check for UVO software updates on If you don't already have an account set up, then set one up and then click on the View Latest Software link, and it will check to see if your vehicle's UVO software is up to date.

Edit: Pretty sure apple cider vinegar (or any other pointless spam) will NOT help with this problem!

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I was thinking along those lines about the apple cider vinegar, myself, Zathras. I'm glad you agree. I think a good wine vinegar would pair way better with the K900.

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