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Default Text messages to voice while driving

I found this response to my question from the Kia Optima forum site on how can you hear your sms or emails while driving .In BC the fines for driving and even looking at your cell are huge so this works very well .

1. Downloading SMS messages (from mobile phone)
When a mobile phone is paired with the system, unread messages will automatically be downloaded to the system. While you will not be able to check SMS messages through the system due to legal regulations, the system will read back messages for you for added convenience. The SMS read back is also possible when the vehicle is in motion.
2.Checking an SMS message
1. Press the 'voice recognition symbol' key on the steering wheel.
2. Say the command 'Read SMS'.
3. The system will read back the new message.
● To listen to the message again, say ‘Read again’. To listen to the next message, say ‘Next’. To send a reply, say ‘Reply’. To call the sender, say ‘Call’.
● When a mobile phone has been paired with the system, new incoming messages will automatically be notified through the system. ● When the notification window is displayed, press the Yes button to check the new incoming message.
3. Sending an SMS message (Custom Messages)
The UVO system allows you to respond to incoming messages through voice commands.
1. After listening to a received message, say ‘Reply’.
2. The UVO system will provide information pertaining to the 6 Custom Messages.
3. Select the desired message to send a response.
● You can modify custom messages through Phone Settings.
● The SMS function may not be supported in some handset devices.

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