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We had the car one day before it was towed back to Albuquerque. We couldn't drive it that day and were waiting for a reply from Consumer Affairs, Mandyjay Straus. The next week Kia sent an FTR to look at the car and we were told, via email:

"During the installation of the electronic parking brake, it was determined that the rear brake backing should have been replaced.
The rear brake backing plate is being replaced and will be installed by our Field Technical Representative.

So, the car spent most of April (April 6-28) at Cottonwood Kia and they replaced the electronic parking brake AND noticed the rear brake backing plate should have been replaced but they did NOT do that brake repair as well. Given the new mileage, someone drove the car over 600 miles (RT Las Cruces to Cottonwood Kia plus joy rides) while the brake problem was partially repaired.

Next, we get an email from Mandyjay strays, "While our Field Technical Representative was performing the repairs, he noticed a missing linkage and a bent bracket underneath the vehicle. Although we have no way of knowing how or when this condition occurred, we have replaced the linkage and bracket."

This car has been in Kia possession for most of the two months we've owned it and more is wrong every time it goes in for repairs.

We said paint patches were unacceptable and we objected to any paint repairs but Mandyjay Straus sends us an email saying, "The body shop has picked up the vehicle to perform the paint repairs."

The car was brought back to the nearest Kia dealership, Jack Key Kia in Las Cruces, last Saturday. There is paint overspray on the rear window, on the driver rear tail lights, and on the gasket around the hood, where the scratches were after being released from Cottonwood Kia on April 298,

So, we go to pick up the car and there is NO service order, nothing saying what was actually done, nothing. At that point we learn Cottonwood Kia became Pitri Kia last Thursday, May, 7, 2015 while the car was in their possession. Just a name change because everyone is still there in the same roles. It took an hour or more and a service technician finally took a picture of mostly blank handwritten service order and used his personal phone to send us what there is of a mostly blank, handwritten service order. It says something on the suspension leveling was also repaired.

Aren't we entitled to a service order tied to the VIN, days in/out, mileage in/out, and what was done? Anyone else getting this completely abysmal service on their K900?

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