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Default 2015 K900 nightmare in New Mexico

Any other 2015 K900 owners out there to commiserate with?
We bought a k900 March 9, 2015 at Larry H Miller Kia in Denver and its been in the shop 26 days at this point, more than 3 of 5 weeks we've owned the car. My husband is a 100% disabled vet and we searched a long time to find a car that doesn't aggravate his back and other combat injuries. We loved the K900 the few days we had it.

Soon after we took delivery, when in reverse and the steering wheel turning, there was a groan or a loud shudder that shook the entire car. After talking to about 10 people from Kia Roadside Assistance and being promised VIP treatment and KIA VIP coordinated with Cottonwood Kia in Albuquerque, we took the car to Cottonwood Kia, about 250 miles from us in the Las Cruces area. When we arrived, they seemed to have never heard we were coming in. They kept it two days and said nothing was wrong, so nothing was done. The GM drove the car home and couldn't duplicate the problem.

We had the same problem happen several more times in the next few weeks and so Kia Consumer Relations (note not anything close to Customer Care) had the car put on a flatbed to go back to Cottonwood Kia in Albuquerque. They had it a day before anyone called to say it had gotten there OK. After 10 days they drove it back to the Las Cruces area, 250 miles, and sent a Factory Rep/Mechanic from Phoenix over to drive with us. We duplicated the problem within minutes, the 2nd time we backed the car up. Apparently, the GM and service dept at Cottonwood Kia doesn't use the parking brake although that's required per the owners manual. The problem was/is the parking brake not releasing the rear wheel, which is why the car shudders like someone has hit you.

We were assured the car would be flatbedded back to Cottonwood Kia. It wasn't. Again, no communication for more than a week, then we were told the necessary part was ordered but was the wrong part so now the correct part was going to be overnighted. Once the part arrived, Chuck, the Service manager at Cottonwood Kia said the part was "really hemmed in" and would need days to repair.

Yesterday, they brought the car back to Las Cruces, almost 600 miles are on the car since we turned it over to the tow truck on April 6. My husband drove the car before accepting it yesterday, but with those soundproof windows and doors closed and in a race to get the rental car back before 6pm. (Chuck, at Cottonwood Kia misled us about the car leaving the dealership and the tow truck driver said he had to wait over 2 hours for someone to sign off on the car leaving the dealership.).

This morning, as he was pulling out, looking forward to driving the car, again, finally, the rear passenger wheel grates like a disc being dragged. It grates forward and backward. I'll attach the video as soon as I figure that out.

This car surely had latent defects when we bought it and we now have a new $70,000. car that has been majorly disassembled and improperly reassembled in the service dept.

Anyone else?

2015 K900 White with black VIP
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