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Default Driving impressions of Kia K9 Quoris

On sale: Only in Korea and some lefthand drive countries
Tech Highlights: 3778 cc V6 24-valve petrol engine with dual CVVT, MPI, 294 ps, 358 Nm; 8-speed torque converter automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive, 5-link coil spring front and rear suspension

What is it?
Kia’s flagship model (known as K9 in Korea) which is related to the Hyundai Genesis. The name ‘Quoris’ is derived from ‘quality’ and ‘core’, according to Kia, to suggest that quality is at the core of the new flagship model. As large as a BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class but Kia realistically compares its model against the 5-Series and E-Class. The Schreyer-initiated styling is taken to a new level appropriate for a luxury sedan and combines classic cues with Kia’s design language.
Though a direct-injection 334-ps engine is available in the domestic market K9, export models will initially have only a 294-ps MPI engine due to concerns about fuel quality. Kia’s engineers are not convinced that the fuel quality in other markets is high enough to run a GDI engine without long-term problems.

More powerful GDI engine is available only in Korea; export markets get MPI version due to concerns about fuel quality

What’s it like?
In pictures, the size of the Quoris is not so evident but when you get close to the car in real life, its presence is very obvious. It has a sleek profile which brings to mind the BMW 5-Series with some clever styling details. Quality-wise, it’s clear that Kia spared no effort to engineer and then build this car better than any other model it has ever made.
Getting into the back seat first, I was quite impressed by the amount of space allocated to the rear occupants. You get to stretch out nicely and the seat height and backrest rakes were just right to provide a very comfortable position. A fellow journalist remarked that it didn’t have the ‘luxury smell’ and if that is taken to be the smell of leather, then it’s not a big deal to me as I am not particularly fond of leather anyway.
From the rear seat, the view forward is quite expansive and thankfully, the dashboard designs of Korean cars are no longer ‘different’ for the sake of being different. In their earlier years, perhaps to differentiate themselves from Japanese models, there seemed to be a deliberate effort to ‘re-invent the wheel’ and switches would have strange shapes. Today, Kia, in trying to appeal especially to the Europeans, has adopted a more universal approach with minimal ‘Korean-ness’. But it’s hard not to feel like there was some influence from BMW in the layout and design and critics have already suggested as much.

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