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My 2016 k900 VIP six cylinder was hunting on the freeway. My wife was driving and I was in the passenger seat she's a good driver and she was constantly making changes with the steering wheel although minor. I could feel the backend hunting.

The shocks/dampers were not doing a good job damping at 57,000 miles. So each time we went over a bump the, it would rock back-and-forth one springy to the other quickly. And as each of the wheels had more weight that wheel would steer the car. So it was apparent that the rear toe in was out of adjustment.

So I bit the bullet and paid the dealer 720. I also had an alignment done for 110. As I suspected the rear was way off.

The shocks made a slight difference. It does take the bumps a little better and there is no rear wheel steer so I'm pleased
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