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I do own my 2019 K900 since 01/19 and except of the battery, all is good so far. The battery gave up on me twice, the first time after 19 months of owning the brand-new car, the second battery died only 8 month later. This is no fun because you cannot even access the trunk without the battery working. Both times dealer stated, "bad cell", not sure if I can believe this. I asked them to check what is causing it, but they did nothing except replacing the battery. I specifically asked then to perform an alternator test and they told me they did but could not show me the test results. This is a K900 certified dealer, I guess I need find another one willing to help. I also contacted the KIA K900 Premium Customer Service, but they told me, they cannot help since this is a technical problem. They promised to call the dealer, but I am sure with no results.
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