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I had the same exact opinion. It doesn't some bad just small with no low end. Since this isn't the type of infotainment you can exactly start taking apart, and replacing pieces with what have you want, my solution was to add in a small $200 10" sub and a amp. Nothing special, think clearance package at Crutchfileld. Since I am still limited by head unit EQ controls and adjustment on the sub amp, the system now sounds "alright" but not great. Since I essentially just added another speaker with its own power source it does sound "bigger" and the sub appeared to pick up a few more lower end frequencies (it think the head unit just ain't sending much to work with). Over time it has started to sound better, however I clearly recognize that is more of my ear compensating vs the sound quality improving. I would say it now sound everso slightly better than the stock HK in wife Telluride.

My 2 Cents...
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