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My 2015 VIP just cracked 60k.

Owned it since early 2016, driven about 40 of those 60k.

There have been a couple issues (i.e. infotainment software updates, headlight assembly recall, dealer petitioned Kia successfully to replace a flaking chrome wheels, seat rail adjustment, replaced muffler holding bracket); one time I ended up having to wait >1mo for a part but it didn't affect how the car drove so there was no loss of use. Nothing debilitating so far.

Most importantly, in hindsight having a good dealer to work with has been paramount.

Now, w/ Kia discontinuing the car, the journey ahead may get a bit tricky. And eventually some costly repairs will surface, as any full size luxury cars will go through.

But based on my ownership experience so far, zero regrets and I'd have done it all over again.

Love the car. It has been and continue to be the best value for the buck. And you HARDLY EVER see another one on the road.

In fact, if I'm in the market, I'll seriously consider a leftover 2020.
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