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Originally Posted by Bob Johnston View Post
Well my battery depletion issue came back yesterday. The car had been parked in the garage for 5 days and not started but I had been in and out of it unlocking/locking with the welcome theatrics a few times during the week. I'd also been in the trunk as well during this parked time.

I knew something was wrong when the driver door would not unlock with the fob in my pocket. I was able to unlock with the press of the unlock button the fob. Once I got in, the car would not start. Says it could not detect the fob and to press the fob against the start button. Still nothing. I went back into the house to grab the other fob and same thing. Then, on the cluster I saw the message about "battery drained due to plugged in devices" which was not true. Nothing was plugged in at all. The battery was so weak, I couldn't open the trunk. FYI, the physical key in the fob can unlock the trunk, but the electric motor's grip on the actuators still puts great resistance on actually manually lifting the trunk lid. This is definitely a design flaw so be careful about putting a battery jumper in the back trunk because if your battery dies, you won't be able to get the trunk open.

I then opened the hood and found the jump points for the electric in top left corner. The positive and ground points are in two different locations and the little pigtail on my little lithion battery jumper could not spread to reach both points (This is something I would not have expected). I tried another portable battery jump starter I had that included longer cables and attempted to jump start the battery but that jump starter was not fully charged itself and the attempted jump failed to fully start the car.

At this point, I called the KIA concierge and they dispatched a service to my home to jump start the car but it was over a 90 minute wait. I grabbed my 6 amp trickle smart charger and charged the K900 battery for a good 20 minutes. I also charged my jump starter for 15 minutes as well. I then pulled the trickle charger off and put the jump starter back on and then successfully started the k900. Using my digital volt meter, the running car was sitting at 13.1 volts. This told me that the battery was still pretty weak and was taking all the current from the alternator that it could handle. I then called back KIA and told them to cancel the service coming out to my house as I didn't need them anymore.

I kept the car running for about 40 minutes and drove it for some errands (never turning it off). When I got home, I checked the voltage and it was sitting at 14.2 so it seemed like the battery was leveling off with the charge. On a side note I really wish the car had a voltage meter somewhere on the cluster.

I've scheduled an appointment at one of my local K900 dealers to check the electrical system in a couple of weeks. This battery drain thing is happening only after days of the car not starting but accessing the car via unlocking, opening doors, trunks, etc... My guess is that there's something pulling way too much current when the car wakes up to do the welcome acknowledgement, operate the power locks and trunk and continues to stay active although the car never is started. Either that, or the battery I have is just a plain dud. Either way I'm going to get to the bottom of this problem. The car should not deplete it's battery for sitting for 5 days regardless of unlocking/locking it and operating the trunk occasionally.

I'm also going to have them adjust the low beam cutoff up a little as I think it's throw is a bit short when they are checking the electric.
I'm experiencing the exact same thing. We've had the car for 1.5 years now, and already had the battery replaced under warranty. Went to start it after a few days of sitting and it was completely dead. Multimeter shows at 4.6. Anyone have any updates on what the causes might be? UVO staying on? We unplug the usb iphone charger, lock the doors, make sure lights go off and everything...bought to trade this car in, even though we love it. Just bought one of those noco 10 amp wall chargers and their jump-starter. Here's hoping one of the two work as this is our only car.
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