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Default Anyone had their moonroof fabric fall down?


A little background, 2015 K900 with just under 45k miles on it. My warranty ran out in August and the front one fell down in Sept. They good willed the repair but here we are, a month later and the rear fails. I didn't even get to use it a single time. They are saying they can't good will the rear and want to charge me a bunch, even though they said they did the whole assembly when they did the front one. I can't help but feel like if they hadn't touched the front one, or had done it right, maybe the rear would be fine. If it was done perfectly as the dealership is claiming, then the timing is as terrible as the parts are. Just wondering if this has happened to or has anyone else seen this ever?
I keep having weird issues like these, and a reoccurring airbag light that required 3 visits and might be good but maybe not???
Needless to say, I am less than impressed, and will be contacting Kia Customer relations but want to see if any other owners have seen this issue before.

EDIT - Kia did comp the repair for me which I greatly appreciate. Just hoping that is the roughest patch I see for a very long time, because the rest of the car is so great. I would hate to get another bad taste in my mouth. So weird to be the only one experiencing this issue.

2015 K900 Black/Black Base

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