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Default Potential new owner

Hey, folks - this is my first post. Iím searching for a K900. Iíve read quite a bit, but I still have a few questions. Hoping some of you here can help me out. Thanks in advance. BTW, I also asked these questions on FB.
1) Iím primarily looking at the 2016 and 2017 V8 Luxury w/VIP. Aside from the obvious (getting a one year newer vehicle), are there any opinions regarding improvements, changes, or increased reliability (pano leaks, dash delamination, etc.) in the 2017s?
2) Has anyone switched between the 18Ē and the 19Ē wheels/tires? Seems like a good idea to switch to the 18s for wheel rotation/balance, and possibly ride comfort, but wondering if itís actually worth it. Also, Iím wondering if thereís more value in the 19s than the 18s and that perhaps they are worth more than just an even swap?

Next week, Iíll test drive a silver 2017 V8 Lux/VIP with 21,500 miles from CarMax (single owner corporate lease). $28,988, being shipped from GA. CarFax says it was in an accident. A CarMax rep inspected it and said the repair looked very good, but not 100%. Close, but not quite. Damage was to rear quarter panel and rear driverís side door. Of course, Iíll have a body shop and a mechanic do some inspections.

Thanks in advance for any input.

Also, ďAn army without leaders is like a foot without a big toe.ď I havenít been reading this forum long, but even I hate to see that Gene, this groupís big toe, plans to leave.
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