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Originally Posted by K9Intender View Post
Interesting, bverant. You certainly have had quite a fleet recently!

I am not surprised at what you say about the entertainment system. I've heard similar things from people with several different kinds of cars. There are so many phones and so many cars systems out there that I guess some of them are bound to be incompatible. Maybe an upgrade to one or the other will eventually fix it.
Yep, I am not stressing this part out too much. My friend's Apple iPhone 6S -- a 4 year old phone -- worked beautifully, including with Apple Car Play. In my opinion, Car Play is superior to Android Auto -- it looks and feels much more polished. I am considering switching to an iPhone, but no decisions until my current phone is fully paid for.

Originally Posted by K9Intender View Post
Completely agree on start-stop! The older K900's don't have it, and that factored into my decision to buy. I'm showing my age here, but I couldn't help but chuckle at your cardboard hack, because it reminds me of putting a matchbook under the old 8-track tapes so they wouldn't skip. (Are there even matchbooks anymore?)
I am just glad that holding down the button before starting the engine works to take the ECU out of auto start/stop mode. At least make it an option the dealer can override at your request. I understand many more cars -- maybe most of them -- for 2019 or 2020 will have this stupid feature. While I am convinced there isn't a wear/tear issue because it's been engineered to work this way, with my typical driving habits, I don't believe it will benefit me. It turns the engine off too aggressively. I was pulling into a gas station and just as I stopped the car, before I could press the Park button, it had killed the engine. When I pressed Park, it started it up again only for me to turn it off to fill the tank. It should be waiting for at least 5-10 seconds (I believe Engineering Explained estimated 7 seconds is the breakpoint) before killing the engine.

Originally Posted by K9Intender View Post
I'm not with you on the auto high-beam thing, though. That's the one feature I regret my car not having, and as fancy as the headlights are, I am amazed they didn't include it.
I am actually coming around to it. Of all of the cars I have owned recently, I believe the algorithm used by Kia to determine when to turn off or on the high beams is one of the best I have seen. It doesn't seem to have too many false positives reading lights along the side of the road or your own headlight reflections from road signs. Not perfect, but it is acceptable. You can override the function and go into manual high beam mode if you press the light stalk forward a second time (first time = auto high beam mode, second time = force high beam on, third time returns to auto high beam mode, etc...).

Originally Posted by K9Intender View Post
Tires do seem to be a K900 thing. If you browse around here, you will see some dissatisfaction with the Hankooks on the 2015's. Mine has Continentals, which indicates to me the factory figured something out and made a switch for '16. (The Continentals seem to be OK.) Interesting that they went on to Michelins on the '19s. I've had good luck with Michelins on Lincolns in the past, but of course nowadays wheels are so big and tires so small that there's very little rubber between you and the road. I suspect that magnifies any little tire issue that may exist.
Agreed, but keep this in mind: my 2019 Subaru Ascent had 20" wheels with 245/50 rubber on them. The sidewall on those was barely 1/2" larger in radius than the 245/45 on the K900. So, it's not *that* much lower profile than tires on some of these SUVs rolling around. And right now that Ascent drove with less vibration than the K900. I am feeling a cyclical vibration that seems to coincide with wheel RPM, not normal road vibrations, which are much higher frequency. I will be discussing another check of the balance of my tires with the service manager this week as I am still not satisfied with it right now.

Originally Posted by K9Intender View Post
This is a personal taste, but I'm not a fan of rubber mats. They take me back to the days of three-on-the-tree shifters and radio delete plates. (Showing my age again!) I like nice cushy carpet and mats, which the K900 certainly has.
Indeed, this is a personal preference. I just realize that cushy mats are going to be a magnet for dirt and water and will be a pain in the butt to clean as compared to simply spraying down rubber mats. Perhaps it doesn't exude that "luxury" feel when you look at them, but this is a daily driver car to me and I like practical in this department.

Originally Posted by K9Intender View Post
I can generally agree with all your likes, except maybe the Sport mode thing. I don't think it makes a big difference on my car, although on that generation it doesn't change the suspension at all--just the steering and transmission settings. It may be that it does more on the newer cars.
Oh on this 2019, it changes the powertrain (ECM and TCM mappings), steering, suspension and AWD parameters. It really is considerably more responsive in sport mode. The steering firms up notably (the driver's seat bolsters will tighten in to their max if you set that parameter). The suspension firms up. And the AWD system moves 80% of the power to the real wheels instead of 50/50 -- remember that all 2019 K900s are AWD. It's definitely a different car in sport mode in my opinion. Now, in Eco mode, I can't tell much difference between that in the standard Comfort mode.

Fun fact about the adaptive cruise control (perhaps you may know this already): by default, you can increment or decrement your set speed by 1MPH. However, if you press and hold the toggle switch either up or down for 1 second, it will increment or decrement by 5MPH.

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