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Originally Posted by K9Intender View Post
Welcome, gentlemen! Always happy to see new blood coming into the community.

I think we'd all be interested in hearing your likes and dislikes on the 2019s.
I have been through now 4 new cars (including the K900) over the past 4 months trying to find one I am happy with. I had a 2019 Subaru Ascent, 2018 Lexus GX 460 and a 2018 Lexus RX350L before the K900. It's obviously been an expensive journey, but I have had valid reasons for disposing of each of those vehicles -- I won't get into that in this thread.

For the K900, I found an excellent combination of engine and transmission smoothness, comfort, looks, and quality. Each one of my previous vehicles lacked in at least one of those areas. In any case, there are few things I don't care for in the 2019 K900:

  • The infotainment system is seemingly not compatible with my smartphone (LG G6). Android Auto won't work and I get a stuttering sound streaming music over bluetooth. I did have the dealer look at this issue and the service manager's phone (LG G7 ThinQ) worked fine as well as several co-worker phones (various models). So, at this point it seems like something between Android Oreo and this head unit. This same phone worked perfectly fine with every previous vehicle, including Android Auto in the Subaru (the Lexus vehicles don't support AA).
  • I do not care for the auto start-stop feature of this car. Of these vehicles, only the K900 had this feature and I don't like it at all. I have wedged a small sliver of thin cardboard on the switch on the center console to keep it pressed down all the time so I don't have to worry about it now.
  • Not a big fan of the auto high beam assist feature. I prefer full manual control of the high beams. Each previous vehicle I have owned has allowed me to override this feature, but my dealer could not make that change (it's not an exposed option anywhere they could see).
  • Don't care for the Michelin Primacy XV4M tires this vehicle comes with. Before buying this K900, I noted a vibration issue felt in the steering wheel an car at highway speeds. They ended up replacing 3 of the 4 tires pre-sale because they had developed flat spots that wouldn't go away. Even after buying the car, I still have a slight steering wheel shimmy between 65-75MPH which I am still working on getting resolved. I suspect it's just more bad tires. Definitely unimpressed by these tires. Dealership support has been great, though!
  • Right now, no all-weather floor liner/mats are available, even from Kia. Since I like in a rainy state, it certainly helps to have these types of mats. Perhaps this will be resolved in time.

Things I like:
  • The engine is incredibly smooth and powerful. I wasn't quite used to this level of power and it certainly makes for some fun driving. Hopefully it won't earn me a ticket!
  • The ride is awesome, especially if you setup the custom drive mode and select Comfort+ for the suspension setting. Even it sport mode, it is plenty acceptable.
  • Sport mode dramatically wakes up this car. So if you are feeling like it, it's just a button press away
  • Ergonomics are great! Buttons on the dash are easily accessible.
  • I am reasonably tall at 6' 2" and this is the only car of the group that I don't need to move the driver's seat all the way back in order to get comfortable. I actually had to move the seat forward from maximum, which is great knowing I have extra room should I want it.

There are more items, but this is a starting point for this thread.
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