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Well, I have new news. I just got my nav going with a new chip, and all of a sudden I have signs! Boy, do I have signs.

As I was going along fooling with the nav, I realized all of a sudden that it was showing a speed limit sign, then, I noticed it in the heads-up display, and finally another one just below and to the right of the tach! Three of the things! Kia really wants you to know the limit.

I was able to get good shots of the two on the dash, pasted together below, but getting an image of the heads-up is very hard. (I was stopped at a light when all this was happening, BTW.) In the blurry pic, you can kind of see the speedo registering zero, and the turn-by-turn arrow at left. The speed limit sign is the square just above the speedometer.

As yet, I don't know if it can display any other kind of sign. These went away when I drove into a parking garage, but other than that there seems no way to turn them off. There's a real flaw regarding school zones, too, because when I got close to one, it showed me 15 MPH as the limit--in the middle of the day, in the middle of the summer.

More odd K900 quirks. The thing never bores you, for sure!
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