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Wow, after 24 hours, my head is still buzzing with questions and puzzles on operating it all. (Of course, I did have to spend part of that time at work. There should be a national policy for carternity leave when a new baby joins the fleet!)

So, just random thoughts...

It's weird to push the trans lever forward to go backwards.

The floormats are really soft.

There's a whole hospital in that first aid kit!

You can put too much stuff in the heads-up display and it gets distracting. And white really is the best color after all.

I am wondering how to put road signs in there, though. (Contradictory to the above, I know.) They are illustrated in the manual but I don't see any directions for adding them.

The ventilating seats feel funny to me--never had those before. It almost feels like water rather than air around your tush.

Is the Jukebox thing an actual hard disk, or just chip memory?

Is there a way to remove a previously paired Bluetooth phone?

I feel like I've enrolled for a degree in K900ology...interesting but challenging!
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