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Dave H
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Originally Posted by K9Intender View Post
News! This one turned up back on the CarMax site. This time I was the first caller, and it's now on its way to my local CarMax for inspection.

So, now paranoia sets in. Why did it come back? Maybe the financing fell thru? CarMax has a decent return policy--wonder if the previous buyer just didn't like it? Or found something seriously wrong (gulp)?

This is also the one with basically zero history on AutoCheck or Carfax. It's like it fell from the sky. And why does a '16 only have 3,000 miles?

Well, my mechanic has promised to go with me to see it when it arrives. We shall see what we shall see...
wow; how cool. some things can just be meant to be; fingers crossed on the inspection and hope it meets expectations. do you know if it was ever titled to the second buyer; or, did it not reach that stage? All kinds of valid reasons a sale didn't go through; if it was titled to a second owner but now back with Carmax I'd try to get as much info as you can. I think Carmax has a pretty good reputation these days to my knowledge so doubt anything funny happened.

you will like the black and white; white on white is also great, but, this one looks terrific.

good luck!
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