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Default Credit Card Key

Originally Posted by Zathras View Post
Good luck yangstein. Let us know how much the dealership wants for the new card key.

I had a serious problem with this. I have been using nothing but the credit card key for 2+ years. I broke it by running over it so I needed a new key.
Went to a local dealer and they said they can't touch K900. Only few dealers that are authorized to work on K900 can work on the car. I called the other
dealership, asked if they had the key in stock (In the system they did). I made an appointment and went to the dealer.

Non only didn't they have it in stock, I had to pay out front for the key which was $547.50 including tax. Waited for another few days and they told me
the key was in. I brought my car back to the dealer and paid another $65 to program it. It did not work. The dealer told me I could use it only in emergency
purpose where I could put the credit card key to the ignition button. I said that is when the battery is out but they tried to teach me how to use the key
where I had been using it for 2+ years. So frustrated by 3 people trying to teach me, I decided to leave.

I came home and put a new battery in it, it worked fine... I went back to the dealer and showed them how it works. They could not say anything.

The total for the replacement of the "Credit Card Key" cost me $612.50.

Driving is FUN !!!
I want my first KIA K900 to be fun too....
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