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Default The mouse in the attic / headliner of our K900

I posted the below quote in the Facebook group which seems WAY MORE active than this forum but wanted to tell you forum guys as well:
"Guys, tomorrow do you all mind driving your K900 without the speakers on?
I am noticing what can be best described as a "mouse in the attic" type of noise coming from above my sunroof button and I am beginning to think it's the same part that busted on Dan & Kevin's K900's they own. Dan / Kevin... Did you two EVER hear a weird noise like I am hearing?
I DO NOT hear it all the time. It's only over certain bumps in the road do I hear the "mouse in the attic".
Secondly, Kevin Kenny, I understand yours has been replaced. Do you hear anything now? Keep in mind I have to have the sound off in my car in order to hear the faint noise."

So far, on the facebook group, two guys have had their body panel before the sunroof but behind the windshield shatter. There are photos of this on facebook group K900.

Anyone else here on the forums have this issue? I am suspecting that the noise I hear about 5% of the time (rare-mind you) is that panel above to give way like the other two guys in our group had theirs shatter. So far, it's a 2015 thing. No 2016 owners have heard this noise or had theirs shatter.

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