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Originally Posted by Lifer View Post
"When I have to change the temperature in the rear, I will have to reach to
the back seat arm rest then turn the button or change the entire car at the
same temp. I found it difficult. Maybe I do not know how to do it properly."

If you are in the front seat and no one is in the rear, why are you doing this? Just "sync" the temps and enjoy the climate inside.
This is one of things that KIA missed when making the car "User Friendly" I find the same problem. You will have to reach your arm to rear control panel.

I see more disappointments everywhere... I will just mention few here.

1. Radio
Overall sound is good but when you try to change channels, sometimes using the control knob will let you to change by 0.1 Mhz, but sometimes when you use the round control knob, it turns into your pre-selected channel. I still can't figure out the proper way to handle it.

When you change the channel, then how to adjust volume? You will have to either do it by the same right hand on the main small volume knob, or your left hand has to work on the streering wheel on the top left. Inconvenient.

My XM does that funny trick that you could listen to it while the screen is circling as if they do not get the signal. I change it to FM or other source, it works fine. You turn the car off and on again, sometimes it disappears.. Terrible for the long road travel. Also the antenna is not good. When you are wtuck on the traffic under a bridge (Not a tunnel), Satelite signal cannot be picked up... Not good at all...

2. Suspension
There is no difference whether the car is on sports mode or any other modes. They are the same. With its weight, making turns in higher speed makes the car very unstable.

3. A/C
Overall quality is good but when you have an imcoming call, speed of vent automatically reduced. I think they did this to hear the voice not bothered by the fan noise but when you get off the phone, you will have to readjust the fan unless you put it in the "Auto" mode from the beginning. Annoying.

4. My wife all of sudden told me the car smelled "Fishy" I remember someone mentioned about the car smelling fishy from the trunk. I put air freshner in the trunk. WTH? It is not the new car smell....

5. Back Up Camera
When you put it on reverse, you could see the screen.. You start to back up then about 3-5 seconds into it, the screen goes blank... You stop. Then it goes back to normal. It doesn't happen every single time but it seldom happens. I am sure when I try to duplicate the problem at the dealer, it will NEVER happen there.

6. Screen
You assume that the car is supposed to be luxury but no touch screen? Really?

7. Streaming Music from your phone
Unless you are hooked up with USB cable, you could listen to your music but you will have to choose your music via phone. Even Honda's system can read your music without having to hook it up with USB. Not in par with luxury.

8. Front Display Panel
Since they could not locate a "VIP" model for me with HUD, I settled with Luxury. I could not believe they did not even try to find the VIP model with my color preference.. Well, I took the car anyway... With cheap display with luxury, the information spot is located in the middle and very small. It only displays minimal information considering other brands.. I would like to see at least the speed in the middle. Am I missing something? I tried to find it going through the menu but couldn't.

9. Transmission
When you slow down your car, the transmission downshifts itself as it is supposed to, but I could feel the car jerking... Terrible.

10. 2015 Model still available
Now 2015 V8 Luxury models are offered as $999 down with $499/month for 36 months on their lease program. That is $18,963 + tax before negotiating.
This indicates the car isn't selling. Will it become like another "Amanti"?

I did not choose Lexus LS460L because I thought the car is too bulky and GX's lease rate was too high compared to the price of the car. Lexus would not negotiate the price as they say it just sells in auto mode. That is why I got this K900 on the way back home from a Lexus dealer. I liked the car with a nice design and stuff. However, it is not going well as I expected.

More I drive this car, more non user friendly, annoying things that I find.

Driving is FUN !!!
I want my first KIA K900 to be fun too....
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